The Printing Industry Association of Western Pennsylvania
PIAWPA : Management Advisory Services

Our Management Advisory Service is the most popular Membership benefit, and receives more use than any of our other services.

This exclusive service by the PIAWPA gives you an opportunity to confidentially discuss issues in all phases of your business operation.
The graphics arts community, print buyers, and the general public contact our office daily for information or advice that is usually not available through any other source. Our staff is in regular contact with professionals in all disciplines.

Below are a few examples:
  • Merger and Acquisition Valuation.
  • Establishing sales compensation guidelines.
  • Adopting the Industry Best Practices as your Terms and Conditions of Sale to eliminate customer misunderstandings. This has significant value in resolving disputes.
  • Current information available for wage scales and fringe benefits, including employee cost sharing of benefits.
  • Techniques for controlling accounts receivable.
  • Arbitrate customer differences in such areas as - pricing, delivery, overruns, etc.
  • Answer questions and/or help resolve Unemployment Compensation and Workers Compensation issues.
  • Counseling for employee-related problems.
  • Counseling on Sales and Marketing approaches.
  • Provide information to buyers to help them in their daily activities and strengthen their relationship with the local industry.